Seven More Parsley Benefits

Posted by admin on Apr 28, 2013

1. Diarrhoea:- Tea made from Parsley may help reduce the effects of or even eliminate diarrhoea.

2. Antioxidants: – Parsley contains several anti-oxidants. Such as luteolin which is a flavonoid that helps control free radicals and is also an an anti-inflammatory.

3. Liver: – Parsley reduces liver congestion, improves the blood and helps with liver function,

4. Digestion:- Improves the elimination process. Helps with digestion of proteins and fats due the presence of enzymes.

5. Blood vessels:- Parsley assists with maintenance of the blood vessels and their elasticity.

6. Immune System: – Vitamin A and Vitamin C help strengthen the immune system and assist in the fight against many diseases and infections.

7. Anti-bacterial:- Parsley can help fight against bacterial infections.

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